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The pediatric gynecologist also deals with the treatment of lyrica puberty and delayed puberty. The first examination of the girl's genitals is carried out immediately after birth - the doctor examines the child to identify congenital anomalies in the structure of the external genital organs.

If a deviation in the size, proportions and shape, asymmetry or incorrect position of the organ is detected, in the presence of formations that are not characteristic of lyrica sex in the postnatal period, surgical treatment is usually indicated.

At an older age, a vaginal bimanual examination is performed under anesthesia, which makes it possible to identify malformations of the uterus (rudimentary horn, doubling of the uterus, etc.). In the absence of lyrica or inability to palpate the uterus, a rectal-abdominal bimanual study is used.

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Asymptomatic uterine malformations do not require treatment. Surgical treatment of defects that prevent pregnancy is carried out according to indications in adulthood. lyrica methods; urethrography; fistulography; vaginography; endoscopic methods.

Full hymen infection is diagnosed by external gynecological examination. In the absence of developmental pathologies, the pediatric gynecologist examines the girl a second time before the child enters a preschool or school.

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In the future, the child is recommended to be shown to the doctor every 2-3 years, which allows timely identification of developmental abnormalities. After 15 years, a scheduled examination is carried out annually.

Internal examination in young children with suspicion of malformations is impossible, therefore, probing of the vagina and uterus is postponed to a later age period.

An obstetrician-gynecologist is a doctor who not only controls the course of pregnancy and takes part in the process of natural childbirth, but also deals with pregnancy planning, as well as the prevention of newborn pathologies.